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Pure Honey for horses

We have pure honey to feed horses. The honey has been imported from Pakistan. We are supplying honey in large quantity. for further inquiry please contact 055350...

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Breath Up A Unique Herbal Bronchodilator


Breath Up A Unique Herbal Bronchodilator

Breath-up herbal cough therapy helps your horse breathe easier. It supports the alleviation of exercise-induced cough and speeds breathing recovery after exercise wi...

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Equi – Brust The Ultimate Racing Solution


Equi – Brust The Ultimate Racing Solution

EQUI-BURST is a results-driven formulation delivering a powerful rush of performance enhancing ingredients designed to intensify your horses stamina and performance....

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Fantastic Pre-Race Paste "X-Factor" has been developed at the cutting edge of research. This pre-race paste is designed to enhance cellular energy production, str...

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Flex – Care Sustains Healthy Joints By Aiding The Repair And Rebuilding Of Cartilage


Flex – Care Sustains Healthy Joints By Aiding The Repair And Rebuildi...

A joint support supplement with 6 key, active ingredients including Glucosamine and Chondroitin, known to sustain healthy joints and support existing joint problems....

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ITPP Myo-inositol Tripyrophosphate


ITPP Myo-inositol Tripyrophosphate

We are international premium supplier of ITPP and other research related chemicals for horses. We sell the best quality of ITTP for your horse and greyhound race. We...

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Hay for sale from Canada


Hay for sale from Canada

Are you looking for high quality hay from Canada alfalfa hay delivered to Dubai for $475.00 a ton to place your order please contact Maryann at admin@horsematchintl....

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Leaders Spirit (Natural Grass Mix)

LEADERS SPIRIT – is the fodder produced from the withered grass, where the content of dry material is 60% – 70% its is high quality and nutritious fodder, in the p...

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